Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Game

Kirk said, "Play with me." So we started play with all his new birthday toys. Mostly this consists of the entire cast of Disney Pixar's Cars. Great film by the way. I've seen it 763 times, this week. Fucking Disney, they get so much of my money. Anyway! We were playing our usual car games which consists of me getting to play with only the select cars Kirk grants me to play with. I have to BEG to get even one of the 3 Lightening McQueens. But he usually lets me have one of the 2 Maters. He's a good boy. I decided to jazz up the game a bit and I pulled down some of MY toys from the top of the fridge. Here is a picture.
As you can see it is the Doctor, Woody from Toy Story, Captain Jack Harkness with a sith lightsabre, and a Kirk monster doing something unspeakable to Tintin and his rocket. Good times. Just imagine the adventure.


Superbadfriend said...
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Superbadfriend said...

haha. reminds me of when we used to play Star Wars with my cousin Greg. He was every character, while I was allowed to play R2-D2.

I bet Woody and the Doctor have much to discuss.

belsum said...

I still think the Doctor and Tintin need to hang out and discuss their awesome taste in coats. We'll have to get a Torchwood Jack figure so he can have an awesome coat, too.

Superbadfriend said...

I heard there is a Tin Tin movie in the works. Maybe afterwards, he can hop over to Torchwood? They are a little low on staff these days.