Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I'm leaving my job.

I've been at the cafe for most of the 21st century and now I'm wrapping things up. I'm making my final schedules. I'm cleaning out my desk, and I'm trying to train people to take care of the old girl when I'm gone. I feel like a captain leaving his starship. I'm excited about the future, but I'm also sad. I really care about this place, and I want to see it in safe hands, yet I need to not be here anymore. I need to find the next new adventure. I'm frightened, but it is fear that usually keeps me from trying new things in the first place. I need to live in fear for awhile.


Superbadfriend said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Leaving is the first step to taking control of your life. I understand your boss was an awesome fella, so I am sure it is hard for you to be leaving.

We will talk. There is much for you to do.

Quite a rush isn't it?

belsum said...

Last week there! Eeee!