Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My plea to all of you and yours.

Okay the self promotion machine needs to kick into high gear. My band Mercurial Rage has a new record coming out on the 7th of June. We need to get our local radio station to play our music. I don't know why they wouldn't but things are weird there sometimes, they completely ignored us with our last release even though they play songs from many of the bands that support us. I must have done something to the program director when I was drunk, or maybe he's friends with Zahn. Anyway, I need your help. If you go here you can request they play Moonlight, Give it Up, or Situation by Mercurial Rage. Do this from all your different email accounts including and especially your spam and porn accounts. We're looking for a grass roots movement. They can ignore us, but they can not ignore the wishes of the multitudes. Thank you.


belsum said...

I just requested Moonlight. Here's what I wrote:

This song should be used in a movie for the scene where the main character descends into drug related madness. It builds and builds and builds and is just such a smooth, soulful, driving bit of rock - it would sound at home on a Primal Scream or Rolling Stones record.

Jon Hunt said...

Done and done, also requested Moonlight!

Superbadfriend said...

Damn, I wrote an essay to them just now, explaining why Merc Rage should be played and I asked them to play the entire album. I will go back and request one of the approved titles.


Moonlight is my request as well.

Best of luck to you guys, Chris.


Chris Hill said...

there are no approved titles. We're just trying to keep it simple. Thank you. Actually there is a in band competition going on as well. I think Michael is steering all his folks toward give it up. It doesn't matter, really, we just want the station to see our name over and over again.