Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lunar 9 on myspace

Hello dear readers. As you may or might not know, Jonny of the Hatesexy blog among various other entities, and I used to be in a supremely awesome powerpop band in the 1990's. I can say that modestly because despite our abilities to rock and our popular appeal we were never able to put out a release. I am currently working on putting all our archives on myspace. The band is called Lunar 9 and you can get to it from my links over there on the right. After all these years I believe we deserve a second glance. Please visit and become our friends and let us know what you think.



belsum said...

Ooh, you changed your profile heading to SCMODS! I want to copy that. Heh.

Chris Hill said...

Of course. I wonder who here knows what SCMODS are.

Jon Hunt said...

Lunar 9? I HATE THOSE GUYS!!!!!

Okay, I'm kidding, I love them.

All but one of them.

Hint: its not you, me, Terry Haanen, Jason, Kristina, Tim, or Sara Aase. Or Brandon. Believe it or not.

Jon Hunt said...

Or Rob!

Chris Hill said...

I'm looking for a new picture. Sheesh! Maybe one of just Jon and Chris.

Chris Hill said...

Oh wait. I'm Chris. That was very Zahn. Sorry all.