Saturday, May 17, 2008

lazy lawn care

It's been a late spring. Last year I picked lilacs for mothers day and this year they aren't yet in bloom. Of course for lazy folk like me late spring means I can put off mowing longer too. I like that. Of course I'm lazy year round so I stop mowing in the fall (er, or like late summer) way before everyone else in the neighborhood. Which means as soon as the snow melts my yard is already in dire need of a mow. Well I finally broke down and mowed today. Here is what it looked like before. Notice Kirk is drowning in the grass and weeds that make up my yard.
I am sometimes ashamed that I have the stupidest lawn on my block. Even the crazy crack head across the street is better at yardwork than me. Of course he gets all strung out and can be found planting things at 3 in the morning. Usually with no shirt on. Oh I can tell stories about that guy. And later I will.
Anyway Kirk loves "helping" me mow. Heh, just wait a few years and he'll hate it I'm sure. When he has to do it all the time.
After mowing we drew on the sidewalk for awhile. This is one of Kirk's new favorite things. Of course I have to do all the drawing. He wanted me to draw him and me and our house "with lightsabers". It was his request. If you are nerdy enough you will notice my lightsaber is red. Ha! Go Zahn! Anyway it was a good evening all in all.


Superbadfriend said...

Is the house holding a lightsaber as well?


I see the Hostas are coming up. ;)

Jill said...

Yeah, our lawn typically looks like the worst on the block. After having the main sewer line replaced the front lawn is pretty "jacked" (as Vinny called it on Saturday) so don't feel bad about your lawn.

I LOVE the chalk drawrings. Heh.

Chris Hill said...

Yes the house has a green lightsaber. Kirk was trying to beat up the Hostas that night. He's so feisty. He can run around in circles making up songs and pretending to stop the bad guys forever, but try to get him to focus and forget it. I bought him a memory game so we could try to get him learning to play games with a set of rules, and all he wanted to do was hit the cards with a drumstick.

belsum said...

Aw, your lawn isn't so bad jilly! Well, we can just be jacked together. Heh.

"Wagon ride. Wagon ride. Wagon ride. Wagon ride. Wagon ride. Wagon ride. Wagon ride. Wagon ride. Wagon ride. Wagon ride. Wagon ride. Wagon ride. Wagon ride. Wagon ride. Wagon ride. Wagon ride. Wagon ride. Wagon ride."

Superbadfriend said...


I like your yard. And I am jealous you have a sidewalk to draw on. I just saw a commercial for 3-d sidewalk chalk from Crayola.


I am so coming over.