Tuesday, May 20, 2008


So I fell asleep with wet hair. This is how I looked in the morning. I figured some people take great pains for a look this stellar, so I rode with it, and I got a lot of good laughter and compliments all day. Anyway I may have passed my superb sense of style down to the next generation. I tried to get Kirk to change himself and this is the ensemble he came up with. It's a stylish pull up diaper "helmet" with sweat pants on the arms. Very chic to the 2 year old crowd. And now just to em-bare-ass him, (are puns okay in blogging? I'm new).


Superbadfriend said...

Puns like that are definitely ok.

Scott and I have not stopped laughing at Kirkie bareassdiaperhatwearing self.

Jill said...

Like father, like son right? Heh

belsum said...

And Kirkie doesn't even need to have "Boys and Girls" on the soundtrack!!