Monday, June 9, 2008

Lot's O' stuff: new CD, fashion show, and the color fascist

Hello all. It was a busy week for me last week, and a busy weekend. On Saturday my groovy electro-pop/rock band played our CD release party. We have just put out our second EP and we are quite proud of it. You can get your hands on one by going here. You can also get it from itunes, or by writing to me. If you are in Minneapolis the CD will also be available at all Cheapo locations and at The Electric Fetus.
Also the new video, as posted earlier, is officially released, so please, if anyone wants to splash it all over their various blogs and stuff, feel free. It was pretty silly that I had to remove it from myspace last week, especially considering the DVD player was broken at the club, and we weren't even able to premier it, but hey I was just following orders.
The show was a great success. Thanks to all who performed or attended. Here's a picture from our performance. In typical Zahn fashion I would have to say I look awesomely awesome. I love me in this band. I think my Dr. Who look came off quite nicely. Anyway that's enough about me, now I'd like to take some time to talk about other peoples art.

On Thursday night I attended a local fashion show. It was billed as "cliche's fourth anniversary runway event". It took place in a community center near the uptown area of Minneapolis. This town has a lot of art, music, and theatre. It often feels like the only events I ever attend are musically related, so it was nice to take part in a different type of scene. It was in a big room with a runway, DJ's, a wine bar, and lots of beautiful people. I think folks dress differently for a fashion show than for a rock show. There seems to be more daring, more people trying to make a statement rather than just looking slutty on the dance floor, (which I am a fan of, don't misunderstand). Anyway one of my coworkers was showing her designs. She designs under the name Karmadandi, and I think she is really exceptionally talented. Her line is sophisticated yet completely practical. I took some video, but my camera was not up to the task for this type of event. The funniest part of this video are the stupid comments you can hear me making. Sadly Belsum could not attend. It would have been right up her alley. I went instead with a couple of other friends. It was really fun to just comment on the designs and give opinions, and argue whether a particular item was sexy or not. I had fun. One of my friends was Ellie, see photo. We had an eventful day prior to the show. We were naughty. I got a jewish girl to eat bacon. Don't tell her mother. My other friend Rex, was also naughty at my urging, and having had to work early the next morning with a hangover, I'm sure he cursed my name plenty. Hey, it's a fair cop. Hey look I'm wearing the same sweater I wore in my music video. I do wear that a lot don't I?

Lastly. Kirk was cranky at having to go to bed last night. As I read a little Elmo book about colors, he had negative things to say for every page, and when I got to the end and asked, "what's your favorite color?" He said, "I don't like colors." I thought it was pretty absurdly funny. I mean c'mon, is there really a human being alive who just plain doesn't like color? Prefers a black and white world maybe? Waxes nostalgic about the good old days, when everything was in black and white as evidenced by the tv, movies, and photos from yesteryear? I'll have to ponder that. Goodnight.


belsum said...

You do wear that cardigan a lot! It's got colors on it. I bet Kirk doesn't like it.

But he did say you were "awesome" when you were trying out your Doctor Who look before the cd release!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have been there!