Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I know I am old dammit!. I'm reminded every day by consorting with people who can't remember a time before the internet and those who find it funny that I call CD's "records." It's RECORDED music you idiots. It's made worse when I tell my "first time I did something stories" and it was in the year my subject was born. But I am not old. Even the kids who make fun of me don't think of me as old. And I am not young either. I am in that nebulous in-between stage of life. It happens to everyone, but it is never glorified. No matter how old or how young I seem, I will never, ever, not be seen wearing a cardigan.

This bold statement of intent would have been better if I had stated it when I was 20, but when I was 20 there were no blogs to state it on. You'll just have to trust me. I am a cardigan guy. I wore them when they were hip, when they were not hip, and then when they were hip again. (Fuck, I really am old.) Still, I am a life-long cardigan wearer.

...And now I'm struggling to figure out what my intention for this post was.

Oh yeah! Just because I wear a cardigan everyday doesn't mean I'm all old and crusty. Sure in time I will be old and crusty, and be in a cardigan, but that doesn't mean I'm wearing the cardigan because I'm old, but rather because It's part of who I am. It's my brand.

This entire post could be summed up in one line.

Chris Hill digs cardigans.


belsum said...

And cardigans dig Chris Hill.

LAP said...

Well it's always good to know who I could give an excellent vintage cardigan to when I come across one. Note to self: cardigans are for CH.

Superbadfriend said...


I am wearig a cardigan right now. I wear the same cardigan everyday in fact.

Go Cardis!

Superbadfriend said...

um. Accidentally washed and dried my most prized wool cardigan. It could fit bundle now. :(


belsum said...

Oh sad for your poor shrunk cardigan! I actually just accidentally washed and shrank and old wool sweater that used to me my grandpa's. Not quite small enough for Bundle but definitely too little for Mama...