Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Good Food

I've been trying to eat well these days. You know salads and things. Especially when I'm at work I have been seeking out vegetables to eat rather than your standard burgers and junk. I'm always looking for foods with vibrant natural colors. Orange, green, red, yellow. Not the dull brown of fried foods. Today I had a hankering for Sushi. I found a place in the Minneapolis skyway that serves pretty decent sushi for not a lot of cash. Of course I seem a bit wankerish in my cubicle eating my sushi, but who cares. I love good food.

I'm kind of a redneck. I guess. It's because I'm from South Dakota and I actually enjoy fast food on occasion. I love a McRib when it comes around. I love KFC now and then, and I love fried food, and the comfort food of my youth. My vegetarian friends pigeon hole me into a group of "bad eaters" when actually my tastes are quite diverse. Sure I eat shit a lot, and I love a buffet, but my gastronomic urges are much more complex than that.

First off I think vegetarians are evil. You heard me. Evil. They are taking the pleasure out of food. Food is to not only sustain, but to be enjoyed. If you are a vegetarian by religion, okay, I'll give you a pass, (and Indian vegetarian food with its long history of practice is simply perfect, I don't even know I'm not eating meat when it's prepared correctly),but if you are vegetarian because you think meat is murder, well you don't belong on the evolutionary food chain, and you should and will die out as a species.

I love meat. Most of my friends, who are primarily vegetarians for some reason, think of me as some big red meat eating carnivore. I do love a steak occasionally, and I do love eating pig wholeheartedly, but my favorite dish is fish.

When my wife and I go out to a fancy restaurant, there have been many times where they put her steak in front of me and my fish in front of her. So here I am the big meat eater, but still not manly.

Sushi seems sophisticated, but here I am the big redneck loving it the most. It confuses my friends. Especially the vegetarian ones. All I have to say is try it. Raw fish is the most delish. Yum!

So my wife thought my list of favorite foods would give a glimpse of my character. So here it is. My top 10 list of favorite foods.

1. Sushi
2. Thai Noodles
3. Spaghetti
4. Campbell's Soup
5. Fried Rice
6. Totino's Frozen Pizzas
7. Fried chicken
8. Hot roast beef sandwich
9. Pot Pies
10. Chimichangas

There it is. I am a redneck, but I know quality and taste too. Macaroni with hotdogs cut into it didn't make the list nor did fishsticks, but as a dad I deal with that cuisine often enough.


Anonymous said...

Chimichangas? Never heard of them, but they sound interesting. Please explain for the ignorant foreigner.

belsum said...

Oh Vix, you poor thing. I always forget that you Europeans don't get to take the delicious variety of "Mexican" food for granted like we do! Chimichangas are fried burritos. Mmmmm. They have an interesting and vaguely controversial invention story and can be found on pretty much any Tex Mex menu in all of North America.

Hey Hunny, let's go to La Casita this weekend.

Superbadfriend said...


I can't eat Chimichangas no matter how much I love them. They give me the trots (haha, I like to say that word)and my belly just can't handle fried foods. Now Spicy? Spicy I can handle!

I need to introduce you to some south american food next time you come over or vice versa. I think your list sounds yummy. :)

Anonymous said...

That does sound good. But speaking of dining preferences, have you read this?

belsum said...

What a fascinating article, Vix, thanks for the link! I must admit to siding on the stereotypical girl side when it comes to meat looking too much like the animal from which it comes. And even though they were dealing with seriously high-end places, there's still a lot of universality in there. Really interesting.

Do you have any nice gramma recipes, Jessie? Or Miami stuff with Cuban flair? We've already discussed how we both like tortillas with everything so I think it's safe to say I'll like whatever you want to make!

LAP said...

I love that you feel no need to clarify which kind of Campbell's soup.